WELCOME TO A YEAR OF FUN AND ADVENTURE! Our camps and clinics provide a multitude of entertaining, team structured ‘hands on’ experiences that include all aspects of horsemanship. Because we believe ‘riding is more than a sport’ our activities are designed to inspire confidence, spark creativity and enforce life skills in sportsmanship and communication. And of course campers are on a horse every day! (activities may include a trail lesson,team games on horseback, bareback ride, mini lesson, photo shoot on a horse, etc)

REGISTER BY EMAIL or PHONE TEXT OR VOICEMAIL 704-651-0867. INCLUDE names and ages email address, phone number and camps you wish to sign up for. . If you do not receive an email confirmation within a few days please try again!

CAREER DAYS CLINIC ( intermediate riders) Ever wondered what your options would be if you wanted a career around horses? Join us as we explore possibilities you may never have thought of! (judge, trainer, instructor, magazine writer, groom, photographer, etc) All presented with some form of riding involved! (example: JUDGE & SHOW DAY: learn what judges are looking for in certain classes. Then group of 5 team judge another group riding in several “classes” and give reasons. Then it’s time to switch and riders become judges.)

HOLIDAY FUN CAMPS OF COURSE YOU GET TO RIDE! ( mini lesson, marshmallow race, redlight green light, bareback) AND learn to groom, tack, lead, parts of horse, breeds, colors, vet care,etc.