HOMESCHOOL HAS ENDED FOR THE SUMMER : PLEASE EMAIL YOUR INFO TO RECEIVE UPDATES AND REMINDERS FOR THE FALL SESSION ( STARTS BACK FIRST WEEK IN SEPT. ) and include number of children, names and ages. You will also receive emails about any upcoming events.

  $15 half hr  /  $25 hr intermediate                          

 POLICIES: The homeschool discount program was developed to offer an enjoyable,affordable equine experience for the whole family. It does not replace higher cost regular lessons. Lesson time includes leading out, mounting, stirrup adjustment and dismounting. We try to keep classes at the same level but it isn't always possible. Be assured your child is still learning even if they are reviewing basics! Most important: THEY SHOULD BE HAVING FUN! Classes are back to back, so show up early enough to have helmets fitted and be ready to ride at your assigned time! Our program is constantly evolving with your  wonderful input! THANKS homeschool moms & dads!

Students are assigned a permanent time slot for EACH week.  We  ask that you inform us of cancellation 48 hrs in advance . Failure to do so will result in a NO SHOW FEE OF $5.00  Because of the popularity of this program TWO lessons missed without notice or sporadic attendance may result in you forfeiting your space Then  you must call in advance  to rearrange  a time  (space available)